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  1. Thanks. Looking for the older models In 30’s. I have a bunch and need 1 or 2 more cthsnks for letting me know.
  2. Looking for a couple Daiwa Saltist 30lcha line counters. Thanks
  3. I run 30's on my rigger rods. Plenty of line cap. and power for what you need.
  4. Chamberlains or blacks. I like the chamberlains a little better.
  5. Theres a couple things you can do to check it out. Pull the bolts holding the engine down and see if there wet or have a moldy smell to them or if wood comes out with them when you pull the bolts. Could be dry rotted. Also go along the entire length of the stringer and tap the tops and sides with a hammer and see if you have a good sound. They should sound pretty solid. Any dead sound is usually an indication of delamination.
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