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  1. I have 2 fish finders I'll give you one. You pay shipping. Looks like my last day cleaning up snow in Harrisburg. I let you know tomorrow what I have. I know 1 is a color unit.
  2. I'll second what Poles 293 said about the fit and finish of Cisco products. BUT I placed and order on 3/10 and still have not received shipping confirmation. They are big time behind due to the company they send there pieces to, to be treated. That's what the Gal keeps telling me anyhow. So if your in a hurry....
  3. Thanks guys. 5200 it is. I have used it in the past for transducer installs, just didn't think of it. They will be permanent with backing plates.
  4. I am going to install 4-24" sections of cisco track. They will be covering holes from rod holders that were installed previously. I do not want water to be able to get into them. Looking for suggestions. Seal with silicone? I have material I could use to make a gasket. The boat is a 20' Lund fisherman. I have learned a ton on this site, picked up a few bargains but have not seen this subject covered. Thanks in advance.
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