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  1. tracker98

    Fishing Companion

    Looking for someone who is retired who is crazy about fishing. I have two boats and fish for just about any type of fish. I fish open water and hard water .Anyone who has the time and is serious about fishing who is interested and would like to talk just give me a ring.
  2. tracker98

    best line to tie to copper as abacking

    thanks guys i sure appreciate the info as my better half reminds that funds are limited i want to do it once and right
  3. i would appreciate any info on the best line to use as a backer to copper tracker98
  4. tracker98

    Seneca perch

    Two things come to mind. First stop letting fish be sold to anyone.That is not sport fishing.But nothing more than commercial fishing with a sportmans license. Have a limit on perch like you do on other fish. Second make it illegal to leave fish on the ice. It makes me sick to see hundreds of fish dead on the ice. Fisherman have to wake up and put pressure the dec to help past laws.
  5. tracker98

    Is anyone catching walleye in Jefferson County now?

    don't know if anything going on out there but I will be fishing there the first three days of next week. Ever need company fishing let me know.