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  1. I am interested in purchasing a Trophy walk around or similar fiberglass boat. Late 90's-2000's, 19-23ft, well maintained/clean, inboard or outboard. I understand its winter but would like to have something before spring rolls around. Send me a PM or text info to 724-331-2177. Thanks!
  2. When you had boats surveyed do they check motor compression or anything within the engine? It is an outboard. The first guy that I contacted does not and was wondering if thats the norm. Thanks guys!
  3. I am going to take it out and run it but also wanted to have it surveyed. I am new to this so any opinions are welcomed. Thanks!
  4. I am in the process of buying a boat near Geneva, NY in the next week or so. Does anyone know of a local boat surveyor in the area? I appreciate any help that is given. Thanks!!!
  5. Was it an all day pick or just morning and evening?
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