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  1. I wasn’t sure if it should be calibrated to match my SOG on the gps.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. Do you guys calibrate your probe or are they accurate out of the box?
  3. I will mainly be fishing Lake Erie and the deepest would be 100’ for lakers in the summer.
  4. So I have walker downriggers with 12 lb round balls. I bought and installed the Fishhawk X4D. Can I just run the 12 lbs balls or do I need two different weights with heavier on the probe side? Really didn’t want to spend $200 on shark cannonballs for nothing. Thanks!
  5. Cannon 10 HS Downriggers I'm interested in a pair of Cannon HS 10 down riggers in good working condition. PM or text me at 724-331-2177.
  6. I need some guidance on speeds for april-may. Also if using pro trolls do u run s&g behind them or spoons? What can u run behind cowbells or lake trolls? Spoons and or spin and glows?
  7. Im starting a stock up of lake trout spoons and looking for advice. What are your goto brand, size, and color spoons for slimers?
  8. Looking for a kicker must have power tilt, electric start, long shaft, 4 stroke.
  9. This is what im looking for http://www.vi-yaroslavl.ru/catalog/catushka/multi/19917/index.html
  10. I am looking for one daiwa 47lc reel. The model is gray in color. I have 3 and need one more. Must be in good working condition.
  11. I am in the market for two 48" tracks and cannon dual axis or Cisco rod holders. Figured I would search used before buying new.
  12. Did it blow ice out of the Harbors?
  13. The satellite image has been clouds the last 2 days. Has anyone had eyes on the progress?
  14. Thank you Rich! Im aiming for the 14th and if it fails I'll have to reschedule.
  15. Im trying to line up a date to go to Henderson Harbor and sea trial a boat that im purchasing. I lack knowledge for Lake Ontario because I mainly fish Lake Erie. How far off do you guys think till a sea trial out there will be possible?
  16. I am buying a used boat and looking for a local recommended Marine Surveyor. The boat will be at Henderson Harbor once the weather cracks. Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks!
  17. Buying a boat near Henderson Harbor. Any local surveyors in the area?
  18. I am interested in purchasing a well maintained great lakes fishing boat. Late 90's-2000's, 19-23ft, well maintained/clean, inboard or outboard. Max $ is $15k. I understand its winter but would like to have something before spring rolls around. Send me a PM or text info to 724-331-2177. Thanks!
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