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  1. It sure is a lot worse than last year. It's the slowest I've seen in 20 years. Cold winter, late spring and the water isn't as warm as other years for the first week of August looking back at my notes from other years. Out today at 5:30am - 10:00am and landed 3 shakers and 2 rainbows (about 5lb each) and lost another big rainbow. Most of the fish were in the muddy water at 140' . Only saw one boat with a decent king on today. Hopefully things improve in early September
  2. Same for me Friday - 5 hours for 2 shakers and one 8lb rainbow along with about 10lbs of seaweed on the lures Does anybody know what causes the flesh in the rainbows to be a pale grey/off white color rather than the normal pink color. The normal pink fleshed ones are good for the smoker, while the grey ones are coon bait (inedible) Wish there was a way to tell the difference while netting so that I can release the grey ones and keep the good ones. They both generally look similar on the outside
  3. I marked lots as well at 25 feet down but no takers. Shakers all hitting 35ft to 70 ft down over 100-120 fow - all on the riggers g/s nasty boys and herring strips were on the menu today didn't have any hits after 7:30am I'm waiting another week to let the lake warm up a bit
  4. Monday morning fog fest at Bronte. The big ones are all hiding 5:30am - 9:30am - 7 shakers lots of bait fish - no Kings today
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