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  1. Thanks guys ! Might give it a whirl tomorrow night if I can get everything rigged up and can get out of work a bit early ! Hopefully it's a nice dayv
  2. Hey everyone I'm looking to head out to the bonnet tomorrow night due to work I can't get out until about 4:30-dark was wondering if I'm just going out wasting my time or if it's worth while? I haven't been out at all this year yet so anything would be helpful also I'm close to grafton and porthope and cobourg which is the best night bite and how deep?
  3. I may have to try this lol running out of options thinking were gonna switch to the fish hawk unit. Seems to have better reviews
  4. Hey does anyone use a moor sub troll 900 ? I have been having problems with mine all year i don't think the prob is working right as i have temps reading right but the speed is stuck at quarter mile ...I've tried a new head unit and re wired everything too i was wondering if anyone was in the pickering - napanee area willing to help a fisherman out by letting me try your prob we could even do a fish together ...or if anyone has had the same issues any help would be appreciated !
  5. We were out today only managed to go 2/3 but no weight to them we were in 80-120 fow we never tried that deep pickerelkiller how many did you manage to bring in
  6. Went out to the bonnet yesterday night from 6-930 and as soon as we got the lines in the water we had a release but no fish on wasn't til about 9 we locked into a nice 19lber. There was only one boat out with us he had one on that we seen but lost him. We were in about 150-180 fishing about 55-65 feet down! green fly and white spin doctor!
  7. Has anyone been out of porthope lately thinking about stopping in for a afternoon fish! Fished frenchmans all morning from 95 to 250 fow not a single release the amount of baitfish was crazy all near the top could see them even seen a king swimming at them Damn things!
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