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  1. Any idea how much 30lb mono will fit on a Diawa 47lc? And do I need a small layer of braid backing to avoid slipping?
  2. I found last year that when I was in 250' + that I would lose my sonar. I have a lowrance elite 7 I have a fish hawk x4d Both ducers are in the same side of the boat but during the times I would lose sonar I tried turning off fish hawk and still no sonar. As soon as I would go shallower everything worked fine. And the fish hawk really never malfunctioned during these times. My fish finder has 83/200 and would not work properly on either frequency. Anyone have thoughts as to what could be causing this? My updates on the lowrance are up to date. Works flawlessly besides this.
  3. I have a Depth Raider that is about 5yrs old. Everything works. Just got an X4D or it would still be on my boat. Comes with everything: Probe, Display and mounting bracket, antenna and all the wiring, original box and manual. I have two spools of coated cable. (One spool is in better shape, but even the spool that has some of the coating stripped away worked fine in 400' of water/100' down. $250. I'll ship for free in USA or you can pick up next weekend in Olcott.
  4. Cmag we'll be up there starting tomorrow if you want to work together. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Thx Big Dave. Everyone has been so helpful and I really appreciate it. Now what the hell is a stacker a cheater and a slider? Lol. What are the pros and cons and when would you use them?
  6. thx for all the help and advice guys.. Still a little confused about my down rigger with the probe. I have the terminator at the end of the coated cable. I hook the probe there. Then on the other end of the probe I hook the break away cable and a swivel to my weight. Now my other rigger (without the probe) has a combination terminator/release on the end and then the ball. So originally I was thinking of using that same terminator/release on the probe one too but that would have my release above my probe, and about 2' above the weight which I don't think is such a good idea so I guess my options are to use a clincher pad release that hooks right to the weight or get a new break away cable under the probe that I can put a release on??? I also bought a "salmon fishing lot" from a guy that has spoons, flasher/flies, bunch of other goodies and a bunch of pre-tied 30# mono leaders, but they are all in 4' and 6' lengths and I can't figure out what I would use them on.. Oh-well enough rambling for one day..thx for the help and I can't wait to get out there!!!!
  7. Thx in advance and sorry if these have been gone over a hundred times already. I have (2) riggers, (2) wire dipsy's and a 300' copper. I also am rigging up a depth raider I just got. 1. My dipsy rods are 8 1/2'. After the dipsy and snubber, how long of a leader should I use for a spoon? How long for a flasher/fly? Do I connect the flasher right to a snubber? 2. Mono or fluorocarbon leaders and what pound test? 3. I put coated rigger line on. Do I put my release on the end, above the probe. Then the probe+cable+downrigger weight? Or is a clincher pad attached to the weight better? 4. I have a Lowrance Elite-7 with an 83/200 ducer. I usually fish on Lake Erie. Any obvious changes to my settings I should make (ducer/sensitivity etc) when fishing the deep waters of Ontario? Appreciate any help
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