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  1. Got a nice boat , but would be a bit more with all the equipment you want. 2000 . 125 hp Trophy center console fully equipped less fish hawk can let go for 11.5 or less if I keep some of the other stuff. Has a galvanized trailer and lots of cool features. TMTL mail me at [email protected] for a quick reply
  2. Welcome to the fishless Club . Marc in a nut shell let me tell ya this. "There are so many things to learn, dont give up man! Once ya start gettin a few of these things its an addiction! You will never get enough! I have been doin it for 25 yrs and will not stop ! EVER! Keep at it dude . A Charter cap. will let ya know a few secrets , but not all! Its up to you to learn and proceed, some wise words for you to keep in mind .....A winner never quits, a quitter never wins" FISH ON
  3. did j behind the old twinkie rigs . guys laughed till my boat landed 3 kings on that silly thing . next trip it was not the hot one though
  4. Great advise ! Same thing I do , have been for years and it does not fail !
  5. Thanks for the info my friend. Will keep lookin at your posts. Are you out of sandy pond to lake O ? Im out of salmon r. Im " Filthy Oar " What VHF channel do yell on ? Hope to yell back atch"ya. ( Fish On! )
  6. Have you heard of this ? When I Tried to pay for the upgraded version of this site my PC said the site is not trusted ?
  7. :ninja:Woo Hooo . Let us pray. another season like 2 yrs. ago please
  8. startin to get a bit annoyed with this crap. 3 weeks behind ! Here fishy fishy
  9. Hey all . My boat is the "Filthy Oar'out of port ontario . Im new on the lake and am hooked for life . All it took was that first reel screaming run of my first big king 33lbs.
  10. Sounds like the carb is leaking down past the bowels. You need to rebuild or replace it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I have been dealing that problem since 1985 . If you decide to rebuild it make sure to epoxy the lower bowls on the underside of lowest part of carb . Use a A@B mix epoxy like JB weld. also make sure to change the float ! Its a cheap fix if you do it yourself. A shop will charge ya about 3 hrs labor. (if they are nice) new carb is the way to go... 350.00 $ rebuild it yourself...50 bucks. . Also make sure to add a new filter to the deal pal!
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