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  1. I still have the two canon easy troll manual downrigger‘s for sale 175 for the pair 716-574-1226 Text me if interested Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Would like to sell as a package if it doesn’t move in a week or so I will reconsider breaking it up Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. $400 for all of it Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. $400 for all of it Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Big John planer board mast two Cannan easy troll manual downrigger‘s and two sets of planer boards and some release clips not pictured. $400 for all of it I live in West Seneca New York. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United Big John planer board mast and boards have been sold asking $175 for the two Cannon easy troll downrigger‘s
  6. went out of the cat today picked up 4 in the 5 lb range 70 -75 fow orange and copper harness got 3 of them on 8 color we fished 2pm til 6pm
  7. Ok thanks RD9 I am getting out of work at 11 30 tomorrow will let you know how we do.I guess I will give Dunkirk a try unless i get a good report on something closer to Buffalo.
  8. going Friday I am thinking the cat. was looking to see if anyone does anything this week. out of any of the ports Thanks guys
  9. I am hoping they are still there Re-Klein-er I want to head back out Friday afternoon or sat depending on work and the weather have you heard anything ?
  10. we did well yesterday in that same area also. went 7.5 miles north out of the cat we boxed out with 12 nothing big but we were off the water by 1.riggers were hot purple and black harness 7 color with 3oz took a few as well 78-82 fow.
  11. only 5 today still down deep 10 color riggrrs down 90 in 105 fow
  12. heading to Dunkirk now, hope to have a repeat of Sunday. will post how we did later today
  13. Did real good today we got 18 just west of Dunkirk 1n 100 -110 fow 10 color with firetiger renosky was hot and riggers down 85-90 orange and copper hatchet blade was also hot
  14. thanks guys for all your help we got 7 nice eyes today 10 color and 7 color with 3 oz 90-105fow
  15. Heading back down to Dunkirk in the morning. I was wondering if anyone was out there today? I plan on setting up straight out in 100 fow and run everything deep
  16. made it to Dunkirk yesterday got 9 nice ones and 1 teener, west of the harbor in 100-110 fow 8 color an riggers took most fish.
  17. Thanks I will give that a try this weekend,Ive been running 20# off everything
  18. RD9 Just wondering How light of a leader are you using ?
  19. Thanks for all the input, unfortunately I never hade it out Sunday. Going to head down there this weekend. Sounds like Dunkirk might be a better option. Thanks again
  20. Heading out of the cat tomorrow just wondering if anyone was out there today . Any input would be great thanks.
  21. thats outstanding, I went solo sunday got a late start but only got 1.
  22. heading down to dunkirk in the morning,by any chance did you heard back from your friend on how he made out yesterday?
  23. thats good to hear if you could let me know how he does
  24. i was thinking about getting out this weekend most likley dunkirk.Has anyone heard anything this week .RD9 did you go west
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