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  1. I pulled the boat out of storage to clean it up and get ready for the season on Sunday, my boys (8 and 13) were begging me to take them fishing when they saw the boat out. Depth finder was not working so decided to drift the Bar with shiners. We got out at 4pm and fished to sunset, my 8 year old landed a nice Lake Trout first cast. We picked up another King later in the afternoon. Drifting near green can produced nothing. Both fish were caught in front of Coast Guard station. Not sure of the depth.
  2. Sorry for the late report. Got out Friday from 6-11pm. Started in 60 FOW and worked my way in close to piers at dark. Marked fish but no hits. Ran FF, J-Plug, Spoons, stick-baits nothing worked. As I mentioned before I am new to downrigger fishing. Learned a lesson. We missed that we got into little shallower water from 60 to 50 fow and all of a sudden we hear a load "Crack!" noise and one of my downriggers is gone. Cracked the base right off and I see my rod sticking straight up in the water slowly sinking. Ball must of hooked the bottom. Well, I got to use it twice! We start reeling in our lines and one had hooked the line from the rod that sank, we were able to pull it in and salvage that rod from the bottom, I could feel it pulling out of the rod holder! Also I have a question. I saw a lot of Kayaker’s casting and trolling near the mouth late at night. Some of the guys did not have lights on their boat! One guy I did not notice until I saw his cigarette burning. I am very courteous and willing to share the water with anyone out there, Kayak or big Charter boat, but come on guys you need to be a little more safety conscious, get a high stern light over your head while you are out there - and a bow lights when you are paddling around.
  3. I am heading out Friday afternoon too. Hopefully we can get into a few. I am new to Salmon fishing on the lake, always caught them in the streams. I have read that people troll until dark, then cast. Why not troll after dark? If Pier fishermen pick up Salmon in the middle of the night casting spoons why cant one troll through the night with spoons etc.? Anyway good luck. If anyone can give me a heads up at what to run, and depths for an afternoon I would appreciate it. Let us know how you do on Thursday.
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