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  1. Hey guys, Im going on a trip next year that includes big northern fishing. I scooped up a couple of on sale 6.75 oz musky lures from Bass Pro to try. Made it out to Olcott pier yesterday and figured I'd toss them out there for practice. Well, my 8.5 ft med. heavy spinning rod didnt seem like enough rod. Are these lures meant to be cast out, or just dropped over the side of the boat and trolled? If they are castable, what rod is appropriate?

  2. I used Nanofil for Salmon off the Olcott pier this fall and it worked out great for casting distance. I left it on to fish the lower Niagara for the end of Kings/ beginning of trout, and didnt care for it as far as river use. Maybe too many rocks nicking it up. I was taking 30 ft off after every outing. It will definitely go back on next pier season.

  3. I use PVC water/sewer pipe. you can cap one end and thread the other. I then duck tape threaded end so its a little harder for the crooks to steal you rod! make any length and diameter you want. they WILL not break.

    Are you allowed by airlines to use a home made case?

  4. Any recommendations on a good airline travel case for rods? Im thinking of breaking down 2 9ft rods so I'll need about 56" in inside length. Also might want to take an ultralight rod, so it would have to fit 3 rods, no reels. If anyone has a good used one for sale, PM me.

  5. I googled Tahoe fishing yesterday and saw alot of beautiful pictures of trout being caught on a couple websites. After reading linemans post, I googled tahoe water level and its bad. Could drop 2 more feet too if they dont get rain. Dont sound good.

  6. Anyone ever fish Lake Tahoe? I'm going to Vegas in mid October for golf but am thinking about trying Tahoe for a couple days. Tried lake Mead for stripers last year but that wasnt much fun. Any charter captain recommendations would be appreciated.

  7. I started using a carolina rig in the lower Niagara, bouncing soft plastics off bottom with decent success for smallies. I had bought some 1/4 oz bullett weights and started out with 1 on. Not enough weight so I added a 2nd one. My question is, is this an " acceptable" way to add weight, or am I missing out on some benefit by not switching to a single 1/2 oz weight?

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