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  1. What pjprod and TrophySeeker advised, I would also advise. A high amperage (total of all your electronics) fuse at the battery terminal or after battery selector switch, two heavy 8 awg black & red marine grade insulated wires running to the aftermarket fuse boxes. This makes wiring super simple to figure out when and you don't end up with a rats nest of wires running up and down the length of your boat. The ones that TrophySeeker show in the pictures are the same that I run and they are well worth the investment . I paid $15.00 for a 10-way fuse box. Good luck and make sure the batteries are disconnected when you wire them in.
  2. If you're up in the 1000 Islands area, I would just take it to Don's Prop Shop. Very professional and a fairly quick turnaround time. I would also get a back-up prop as I used to hit the rocks a lot near Clayton and that entire river. Good luck!
  3. I'm planning on taking a few fellow Vets onto LO on Wednesday the 10th early morning and would like some advice. The plan is to troll out from the nuke stacks around 80 fow with downriggers. I have a Hummingbird 597ci HD DI, 2 downriggers, a couple of dodgers/flashers, spoons, spinners, bombers and a few other items. Any advice would be helpful. Thank You in Advance!
  4. It looks like the next several days would be better to get out into the deeper waters. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of things to take care of before foot surgery on Friday. I'll be off the water for a bit while recovering. Good luck and tight lines to you!
  5. Terrible!! Not a single hit. Not even a charter out there. Beyond the walls was rough waters and spinning stomachs. Trolled it anyway as well as inside the walls. Nothing. Thank you for the advice though.
  6. Thanks Lily for the advice. I would not have thought of using any surface lures.
  7. I'm looking at Tuesday fishing from Mexico Point to Salmon River Inlet with our oldest son. Wunderground marine forecast so far is: West winds 5 to 10 knots becoming northeast.. Clearing. Waves 2 feet or less. I'm running dual downriggers and Dipsy Divers. I don't have flashers. I have a couple of new spoons. Any suggestions will be well appreciated.
  8. A charter friend of mine introduced me to this forum and I wanted to say thanks to him and others in advance for your direction and help. Thanks!!
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