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  1. Okay perfect sounds good. Thank you for the tips hopefully it's worth the drive haha
  2. I'm new to steelhead fishing and I don't live close to the saugeen but I want to check it out. Can anyone share some tips as to good sections of river to fish and what would work best in that river. Thanks
  3. Lots of people tho so I would go early morning if you want to get some before it gets full
  4. I went to bowmanville last weekend and it was good. My friend caught a brown and guy just down from us caught an Atlantic salmon only one I have ever seen. Lots of kings to it was well worth the 2 hour drive
  5. Damn. Well I'm going to check it this weekend so if you have not made it yet I'll let you know how it is. I will just be in the river float fishing
  6. I checked bronte last week only seen 1 fish. Any other place that will have fish like port hope ?
  7. Just wondering if anyone's from the Canada side if the lake and know any good tribs for salmon now that the ganny is closed
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