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  1. for sale : can

    Reelintense Call or text me at 647-221-7524
  2. for sale : can

    You just hire someone Just need paperwork Easy
  3. for sale : can

    $20K CDN converted to USD is $14,778 Great buy for a US customer $10K in electronics included New engines 0 hrs / 1 yr warranty $1K in fuel Etc, etc.
  4. for sale : can

    Still for sale ...
  5. for sale : can

    Price dropped now to $20,000
  6. for sale : can

    Price conversion: $22,000 CDN = $16,735 USD $25,000 CDN = $19,017 USD
  7. for sale : can

    No If interested call or text at 647-221-7524
  8. for sale : can

    Go to Witching Hour Sportfishing Facebook page and you can watch a 1 min video ... Shows the layout of the boat while fishing
  9. for sale : can

    Boat doesn't come with drives I don't have interior pics handy but cuddy is in good shape (new fridge, new microwave, new cushions, etc) Do a search for 28 Carolina Classic for deck layout No trailer
  10. for sale : can

    I don't have any interior pics handy Yes to AC and heat It was surveyed 3 yrs ago no issues
  11. for sale : can

    454's "onthewater247"