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  1. I just got myself a kayak last week and have taken it out a few times in the small boat harbor. I'm wanting to get out for some walleye now that the season is open. Just wanting to get some advice on places to try that I can fish safely from a kayak on the lake.
  2. Hey everyone I'm looking to meet some friends from Iowa in Port Clinton this spring/summer for a walleye fishing trip and was just wondering if anyone on here had any advice on a good charter to go with and also lodging. Thank you, Sean
  3. Hey All, I know this is a long shot but does anyone have an old travel cover for a Frabill Ranger XL Twin laying around? I am looking to buy one but I know this is a really old model and if I have to I will just find something that fits but was hoping to find one that's made for the shack. Thank you
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    Buffalo eyes

    So do the walleye move back over to the shallower water by buffalo once the temps start cooling or do they just keep moving west from here on out?
  5. IAatHeart

    Buffalo eyes

    Power drive I sent you a PM
  6. IAatHeart

    Buffalo eyes

    So my fiancée bought us a guided fishing trip on Lake Erie for my birthday. The original date we had scheduled was rained out and the guide let us reschedule for this Saturday. Well today he calls us up and let's us know that the walleye haven't really been biting out of Buffalo and he doesn't have the equipment to go fish for them deep over by Dunkirk. So he gave us the option to reschedule again if we would like to or we can give it a shot and if we can't get into any walleye we can go after bass instead. So my question is this how does the walleye bite usually work out of buffalo? Are the fish going to move back in the next week or two? Or is it really a crap shoot and we might as well give it a shot on Saturday and if it's not working just go after some bass?
  7. Down here camping with my fiancée and was just curious if there were any decent shore fishing spots we can go check out tonight after dinner. Thanks!
  8. Well we went out and fished down below the Burt dam today. We stopped into the slippery sinker and they helped us get some equipment to get started out and gave us some great tips unfortunately we weren't able to catch any but we saw some caught and we definitely learned a lot and I look forward to getting back there! How long does the steelhead spawn usually last?
  9. Hey all I know this is really last minute but I recently moved to Buffalo from Iowa and my fiancée and I are looking to come up to Lake Ontario tomorrow thinking either Olcott or Wilson more as just a chance to get out and check things out. I have been looking at the reports and it seems like pretty much everyone on here is going out in boats. My question is if anyone has any tips for us on where to start out from shore up there and if it will really be worth it or if we should just try to find a place around here on the Niagara River to fish. I really appreciate any ideas or advice as I'm really new to the area. Thanks!
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