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  1. Exhibit A. lol. It's not easy. That happens a lot. And I totally get it. There's a reason Scotts in front of the camera and not me.
  2. And if I can add a bit of self deprecating humor. I think we've had 1 fishing technique segment in our 6 seasons. But thats it. I get where you're coming from, and we've had more then 1. Its a constant struggle to add these in. And theres a consious effort every year to add more. It comes down to time allocation and how quickly 21 minutes and 30 seconds get gobbled up by everything else. These aren't excuses just the nature of the beast. I'll say drama is tricky. I can tell you Ive heard it before when guys say you'll get plenty of good stuff from us, but as soon as a camera turns on they get quite. Happens every year. We love reading critiques of our show. And we love reading all the positive and critical comments.
  3. Just funny what you said about Scott. You said he was dry and I thought it was funny. Thats all.
  4. How's everyones fall going over on Lake O? Its that time of year where I'm locked in the edit studio, editing away on Salmon Showdown. Heres a first look at the new season. We also have set up a Facebook page and will be adding more content there leading up to Season 6's airing. We're currently locking down the exact air times. www.facebook.com/salmonshowdown If you have any questions or comments. Scott and I would love to hear them. Thanks for watching,
  5. Thanks for the compliments! Right now the videos are being created for the web only, but in the future other distribution options could be explored.
  6. Salmon Showdown follows Tournament Trail's Broadcast Championship which uses the 333 ruleset. This is from tournament trail's website on how the 333 works. The 333 Championship Series is a side bet that runs in conjunction with each host tournament on the Tournament Trail. The object of the 333 is to catch 3 fish in 2 days. The heaviest 3-fish catch wins. In 333 competition teams can only weigh 3 fish over the course of the entire 2 day event. Teams can elect to weigh any number of their 3 tournament fish on day 1 or they can elect not to weigh any fish on day one. Any fish weighed and counted on day 1 cannot be exchanged for a bigger fish caught on day 2. On day 2 teams will weigh however many fish they have left to complete their 3 fish limit. So theres a little bit a of skill and luck involved in making that decision. Hope this answers your question.
  7. This should be the correct link. http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/forumdisplay.php?347-Watch-Salmon-Showdown-Season-5
  8. So experience has taught me to never say never. But right now Salmon Showdown follows exclusively Lake Michigan's Tournament Trail and their broadcast championship. However I did come over to Lake Ontario this past year and filmed the WHI for its own series which will be coming out soon. So there is the possibility of more things like that. Thats a valid point and one we've thought of in the past. Its a great idea and one we might revisit. That being said while I was thinking of this response i had an epiphany about a way to do this and avoid any issues with one of our biggest challenges "Time", and I gave Scotty Mac a call. So I'll leave it at that, and thanks for the creative inspiration.
  9. I appreciate the feedback and Thanks for watching. Its a struggle to find a balance between creating a show that is fun and informative. Scott and I are always trying to add info that fits into the story for that episode. Its really exciting to see the response we get from the lakes, but also from outside the Great Lakes. We've had people from Alaska that watch the show. As well as fisherman who have never fished for Salmon on the Great Lakes get a charter and experience this thing we all love because of seeing it on the show. And to me that says that our show is relatable to all types of fisherman. And that we can play a roll in raising awareness for this fishery and the things it offers. So the challenge for Scott and I is trying to make a show that is fun and informative for the Great Lakes Fisherman, but also fun and informative for fisherman who aren't Great Lakes Fisherman. That shows them the challenge and skill that it takes to catch kings. I hope my answer gave some insight to why there isn't more straight info in our show. I have written down your suggestions for topics and don't be surprised if you see them in the future. I really appreciate the feedback because its constructive feedback like yours that ultimately makes our show better. So thank you.
  10. Thanks! I appreciate it! Hey Richard! Yep we are currently working on WHI. But I can't comment on release.
  11. Thanks for watching! And I agree. Spring can't get here quick enough
  12. Its awesome to see the response we get from Lake Ontario, and I just want to say from Scott and I. Thank You!!! You're not alone in thinking that. Its definitely a struggle with the early episodes. Fishing is usually tough and this past year was brutal early on. Thanks for watching. Thats why we do this. Thanks for watching.
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