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  1. I have bombers,(31/2-5") rebels ( 31/2-5") and rapalas (3"-51-4")if your interested
  2. Pictures of New Salmon Lures. 8 look "squid" like and 7 are like a "buck tail" lure. All are brand new. 15 Total. $40 for all . Shipping will be $6 for priority mail in the U.S.
  3. 28 used Flasher/Dodger Trolling Lures. Gold Star, Luhr Jensen, Les Davis, and unbranded. Different sizes that range from 9 1/2 , 8 and 6". $60 I accept PayPal.Shipping rate will be determined by your postal zip code. I also have a number of brand new salmon lures in the bag, that I will be listing shortly.
  4. All of them have been used, but still have a lot of life to them. All different sizes. 8", 6", 4 1/2". brands are Luhr Jensen, Gold Star,Les Davis and unbranded. $60 I accept PayPal. shipping costs will be determined by your postal zip code. Thanks for your interest.
  5. I took other fellow anglers advise! Over the next couple days, I will be posting assorted spoons for sale in small quantity. All good used condition unless otherwise noted. 1. 4-4" Spoons $10(1missing top eyelet ring) SOLD 2. 4-Red Eye Wigglers $10 3. 4 Spoon Lures2-Steffey's and two unbranded(tarnished on back) $8 SOLD 4. 4 Mepps Syclops 3/2 2-26g, 2-17g. $8 5. 5 bright spoons-$10 6. 19-Little Cleo (Dancing Hula Lady) Wigl Lure, 10 are 3/4oz. $40 7.5-Spoons, 3are Evil Eyes. $15 SOLD 8. 7 Spoons, Mag, crossbones, evil eyes $15(crossbones spoon hooks rusty) 9. 5 Spoons(3are like diamond shaped?) Rebel arrowheads says another angler $10 Shipping cost will be by your postal zip code if sending first class mail OR $6 for a small flat rate priority box shipped anywhere in the U.S. Your choice. I accept PayPal, I have a confirmed account. Thanks for your interest. Will be more later. Let me know what # your interested in.
  6. Thanks for your interest. Another person inquired on splitting the spoons, he wants the evil eyes, while another guy emailed and said if you sell the evil eyes, the others spoons will have no value,would this be a accurate? Thanks for any feedback
  7. No such thing as having "enough" lures:)
  8. I have 34 4-5"good used j-plugs that still have a lot of life to them. Luhr Jensen and Unbranded. $80 takes all plus shipping. I also have over 100 Various size spoons for sale if interested in some.
  9. Hello from snowy NW Ohio! A person from another site recommended this one, so glad he did. Have a great day where ever you may be
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