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  1. Was out there this morning. Some guys did OK while others couldn't even trip a rigger. I had 2 nice ones on 200' dipsy magnum on number 2 setting that ripped off some line and put a good fight on for about 30 seconds and got off. Fish down 100-150 or so over 340 FOW. Good number of marks on the screen just very hard to get them to play along. Water calmed down today so I'd expect things to start setting up again soon.
  2. Great meeting you guys Mike, I liked your fish a little better glad you guys got into some!
  3. Thanks. I'm thinking things will settle back in. Heard that the temps were looking alot better today. Bite is still slow out of Oz for most, but talked to some guys out of Mexico Point who did well today.
  4. Oswego 8/25 Got out at 6 this morning, marked a fair number of fish down about 120-150 over 250-350 FOW straight out of OZ. Lost a nice fish on 120 rigger with green e-chip flasher and hammer fly. Started trolling west maintaining course over 340 FOW and pulled a dink on dipsy. Lost another on dipsy after fighting it for a good while. Ended up pulling a nice 22 pound on magnum dipsy w/200 ft. Of line out so about 100' down. White spin doctor with green dots and shredded hammer fly. Fishing was VERY slow for us packed up a little after noon with 2 fish in box.
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