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  1. Had a problem with a bat rat lure. E-mail James Barnes to let him know so they could keep an eye on it. Just got 2 new ones in the mail. Great guy and Outstanding product. My next purchase will be bay rats. Sent from my LGLS991 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Trying to book some fishing trips for the year. Need help . What days are good days in the months of April ,June,Aug and Sept. Have a 17ft Smokercraft Tracer. 40 hp with downrigger and all the gear for all types of fishing. Its a 5 hour drive so don't want to waste time. Fishing out of Mexico bay. Thanks for all the help.

    Fishing Info

    Fishing trip 8/13 - 8/16 . Staying at Catfish Creek It"s a 5-6 hour drive so any information wood be helpful. Plus I'm bring my buddy and his kid. Have 2 cannon dowrigges ,3 dipsy rods, 2 300ft copper rods and 2 leadcore 10 colors rods. For lures I have Flasher/flies and 25-30 different spoons. Never tryed meat rigs ,but going to stop at Fat Nancy and pick a couple up. Question where to start FOW and what to use . Trying for kings and steelhead. Thanks for the any information.

    Down rigger Ball Weight

    Thanks for the info guys. I have 2 cannon mag 10 electric downriggers. Here a pic of my boat and set up, anything you may see that need to be change ? Going to upgrade my downrigger weights. Again thanks new to fishing Lake O . Would like to fine tune things 350 mile drive and not a fish to show for ,but I'm not giving up!!!!
  5. Fished out of sandy pond this weekend. New guy didn't get a rod to move. Downrigger ball were getting blown around. Only have 8 lbs. Whats a good size to use? Had a good time!

    New to Lake O

    Any info would be helpful. Fishing June 25,26,27 out of sandy pond. My equiment 2 dipsy rods 3 downrigger rods , 2 10 color leadcore rods and 2 300 ft copper rods. Have flasher,spin doc flies and a couple different spoons (15) . New to lake 0 and travling about 350 miles to get there. My question is where to start out of sandy pond and FOW and spoons and or flies. Any information would be greatly appreched.Fishing out of a 17 ft smokercraft tracer with a 40 hp. Like to prepaired for the trip. Thanks Dennis


    Anyone Know anything about a smokercraft 162 Pro Tracer 16 ft Good/ Bad ??

    New Guy from Mass

    Thanks for info

    New Guy from Mass

    any word on how the spring browns fishing is around Oswego is. Heading up the April 16 to do some trolling?