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  1. The fish descender has got to be better than piercing the air bladder with a needle. You can use the design in that link with the hook barb pushed down, or you can also just attach a binder clip (used for paper) to the line and clip it to a fin or jaw. A gentle tug when you reach depth, and the fish will pull right off.


    This can also be modified using a clip or ring to slide down your downrigger cable, so you can descend a fish while you keep trolling. Towing them around on the surface to revive them does not help the air bladder, or the temp change. Descending them back down to the right temp and pressure seems best.

  2. Kayaking is awesome as long as you are prepared! And prepared means you should probably wear a survival floatation coat or wet/dry suit when the water is below 50-ish, no matter how calm it is. When that 32" lake trout hits, things get CRAAAAAZZYYYY :) I have kayaked in every month of the year except February, fishng and duck hunting.


    Here's a trick I was taught. Try it, dont just read this. When you are out, look around and assume your boat has flipped and estimate how long it will take you to doggie paddle to shore with all your clothes and stuff on. Maybe 3 minutes? Probably more like 5... but anyway, if you estimate 3 minutes - roll your sleeve up and stick your entire arm in the water, and hold it there for your 3 or 5 minutes. TIME IT!!! I dare you to try this. Now imagine your entire torso feeling like your arm just did :) I've actually done this, and it is seriously painful sometimes... woke me up for sure. Be safe and have fun!

  3. Three rods, 15 hook points per rod... so I can run 3 rods on riggers, with a slider on each one so I have 6 lures in the water. I guess you could technically put 2 sliders fixed with rubber bands on each rod for 9 lures in the water, but damn thats just asking for a tangled mess!! That would be exactly the time you'd hook into "Goliath" and end up in a serious mess

  4. I prefer the smaller spoons (2 1/2 - 3") for landlocks and rainbows, larger spoons for lakers. I like hammered nickel with blue or green. I'd suggest trying some lighter line or at least lighter leaders, I often run 8 or 10 lb fluorocarbon. If you need the heavy line to shed fleas, use as long a leader as you can handle to land fish. You do have to play the fish carefully with the lighter line, but it gets more bites.


    Your boat speed does not sound that bad, to me. Do you run sliders on your downrigger lines? That doubles your number of baits in the water.


    Don't overlook stick baits if your after lakers. Watch your graph, and let the fish tell you what depth they are at.

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