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  1. I was out yesterday morning from 6:00 am to 11:00 am. Nearly froze my butt off and got skunked.
  2. PFD wouldn't have saved him if he was in the water for any period of time. Sad news. They still haven't found him.
  3. All my fish in the last 2 weeks were caught on Matrixx spoons (various colours) with a green, pink and silver Hot Spot UV flasher. The fish seem to like that flasher.
  4. I have a pair of Big Jon sportsmen and I think they are awesome. I've never used Canons so I can't compare.
  5. Both were caught on a silver and green Matrixx spoon.
  6. My name is Chris and I am a fishaholic. So glad to finally get onto this forum. I live in Toronto and I do most of my fishing in Lake Ontario for salmon and trout, but I also trailer my boat to many other "inland" lakes for bass and walleye. My boat is a Triton 240 LTS named "Livin' Large II".
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