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  1. You mentioned cheek slap , in general a heavier gun shooting a bunch at the range is better on the face and shoulder than a lighter gun . Not sure what your new gun weighs .


    I didnt see this post , but I recently bought another o/u in 20 guage for upland hunting , much lighter than previous guns , a dream to walk around with in the field behind a pointing dog ( which is addictive ,yes), but a little bumpy shooting 50 rounds at the trap or skeet range .


    No perfect boat, no perfect gun , evrything is a trade off , unless your loaded and can have multiple boats and multiple guns for every situation

  2. Yea she was rolling some . I caught the better grade of fish at night , but not both nights I fished . Best speed was in that 1.6-1.8 spot with a few over 2mph. Still watching wind for this weekend , and Saturday looks great , boat ramp will be crazier than last weekend 


  3. Well, i didnt win a new boat or two or place in the money, biggest fish was 9 pounder.
    Had a great time and a cauggt a bunch of solid fish . Southwind made it doable but by Saturday night it blew some warm water out a little further than i thought . I got out to 46 fow and on Sunday and at the boat ramp 50 fow started firing up guys were saying . As is the case with me i came up a little short . I didnt sleep much fishing a marathon for the weekend , pounded it out day and night.
    I may give it another shot Friday ,Saturday , and Sunday morning if wind allows . Derby ends sunday 11 or 12 midday.

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  4. Speaking of woodcock. Really hoping to get in on the migration which will be great for young dogs to build thier confidence.

    Good time to let the dog point , hold when you flush the bird , and have them hold when the bird takes off . And watch the bird lsnd and do it again or shoot.

    Ill be hunting in franklin and st lawrence county in oct some . If anybody notices a influx of woodcock please let me know .
    Maybe post it here

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  5. This is my dogs first real full season coming up ( 14 months). Hes retrived over 100 doves so far . Putting him on wild birds and homing pidgeons with launchers last week really upped his game on steadiness and also trying to have him hold till the bird falls , mostly for his safety when hunting with other people that just get excited and dont own dogs.
    But sometimes he gets too excited and breaks but were working on it.

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  6. So it's been along time since ive posted, but as we all  know it's almost that time! Gunnar as over achieved more then I could have ever expected for just turning 8 months. He is a machine when hunting and turns it off like a switch once told to.  He retrieves great on land and in the water,  he has great steadiness, hunts hard for upland (haven't been able to expose any live birds to point) but points everything in the yard, tacking deer like a pro (pretty easy tracks),  very obedient....... so on and so on. My question is I know a lot of guys will not hunt their dog it's first season. Why? We have worked so hard to get to this point, but want to make sure I do the right thing. My sons first year to hunt as well so lots of memories to made for sure! So, would you or would you not hunt your dogs it's first season???
    I would absolutely hunt the dog . The more experience the better.
    Make memories .
    And try to get your hands on some birds for the steadiness .
    I haveafriend whosan excellant dog trainer and will take dogs out to hunt that are 4 months old .

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  7. Always run a meat rig . Spoons and flasher flies are good start. Run it and see what the fish want.

    Yesterday they wanted it at a speed of 2.4 but everyday is different . Look for 50 degrees water temp as as a starting point .
    And start running stuff at 50 and above and below , vary speed till you see what's popping.

    Give it hell.

    I’m heading up from Ohio to fish 6/29 and 6/30 out of the Oak. I recently retired and this is my first Salmon fishing trip ever. Just looking for a starting point would be greatly appreciated. I will be pulling mostly spoons and flasher flies. Thanks 

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