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  1. Excellent Job, Was the stainless steel trim at the floor / wall and top of the panels original to the boat?
  2. I am not sure if you had an internal gas tank from the pictures, but if you did, this would be the time to replace the filler and vent hoses and the vent line cap. If you do not have one, this is the ideal time to add on. Also, check any wiring that ran under the floor boards for nicks and wear, especially since you had mice in it. Might be a good ideal to replace it at this time. When I had have to replace the floor on my previous boats, the foam was usually waterlogged and I would replace that as well. I am also going to replace the floor in my Crestliner and I will do as I noted above. Good luck with your project, Cheers, Bill
  3. Thanks! I am going to get them made up. Bill
  4. Thanks, mine is also a 2250 and I still have two footitis.
  5. Is that the actual measurement of the cushions wood backing piece?
  6. Hi Tom, if it is a 2250 or 2450, they should be the same. I am hoping to get my boat out in two weeks time to start work on her to get her ready for the salmon fishing season. Thanks, Bill
  7. I have a 1992 Crestliner Sabre that I purchased last year and it does not have the back seat cushions for the space between the inside of the boat and the inboard engine cover. Would anyone be able to measure the wood backing on their cushions for me as mine is still in storage and I would like to get 2 of them made up. I know that the design did not change after speaking to Crestliner from 1986 to 1994. Also, I have the MCM 350 CID (5.7 Litre) engine on it and it needs a new starter for it, I took it out to a shop before I put it away for the winter and unfortunately for me, they closed up shop (went bankrupt after 55 years in business) and I did not get my starter back. My engine serial is 0D617619 and when I look it up, I see there are 3 potential starters listed -- would anyone know which one it is? Finally, the boat did not have the aluminum corner caps, I called Crestliner, and they do not have them. Does anyone have a source or suggestion to get these? I am looking to get replacements for these four corner caps as shown in the sample first picture below. You can also see the caps go in Pic 3 of my boat Cheers, Bill
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