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  1. Craig I'm in a similar situation as you. This was my first year running the lake in my own boat. I have an 18' starcraft and experienced getting blown off the lake my second day on the water. Even though this is my first year running the boat I have been here for years, fished many times with friends, and taken a lot of charters. The information I gained on those trips was invaluable but putting that information into practice on my own has been something totally different. All my time on the water this year was really learned what not to do more then anything but did finally manage one nice coho. Best thing I can say is keep it as simple as possible. Go in with a plan. Even write down the plan anf be as detailed as possible down to what lure on what rod. My first two trips I went with a general idea of what I wanted to do and ended up fumbling around for the first hour on the water. I now believe the process is more important than the lures in the water. A good amount of the information to get rigged up right can be found digging around on this site. Keep at it and the fish will come. Charters are a great learning experience and could be valuable at any point even years from now you never know what you could pick up. Another thing to watch for is guys on here with an open seat for a day. Good luck out there

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  2. Sorry was trying to figure out how to post a picture but I can't open the file with the instructions on my phone.

    Basically it is a copper, galvanized, or stainless pipe roughly 14" long 1.5" diameter filled with lead, and an eye hook on top. That set up should yield roughly a 10' weight give or take.

    From the little I can find on them they have very little blowback and work well near the bottom as they are harder to hang up.

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  3. Lots of options for how to do it.

    For the venison we slice into 1" cubes pack the jar with raw meat. You can season any way you want. Sometimes we leave plain maybe a little salt. We will use that for things like tacos. For a stew we add onion, garlic, and some bouillon. You need a pressure canner with the pressure gague on the top. We cook our meat at 15 lbs of pressure for 90 min then remove from heat and allow pressure to reduce on its own. You wind up with some of the most tender meat you will ever have.

    You can also cook the meat any way you like then add to the jar and follow the same process to seal the jar.

    Not sure for the fish but would imagine it is fairly similar.

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  4. Heading up to fish Friday and Saturday this week. I never fished the trench before but these are the last 2 days I have available for the year so I am determined to get on the lake. Weather looks pretty good for the weekend but Friday looks like it could get a little rough out of Oswego or Pulaski.I have an 18' aluminum so I thought going up to the trench might hide me from the wind a little. Will probably get there sometime mid morning. Thinking it might not be to crazy at that time even though we are coming into a holiday weekend. Is there anything to watch out for since this is a little tighter quarters then normal? I'm sure once I get there I will get a sense of where everyone is at. Is it easier to come out of stoney point? On the map it looks like that might be the case. Any advice is appreciated.





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  5. Well made it out Friday and Saturday. Got one small brown on Fri out of Oswego. We ran between 150 and 350 while getting used to the boat and the gear. Had a bunch of problems that day but mostly small stuff that was overlooked before hand. Went out of pine grove on Sat ran out to 150ft had a friend with another boat that day so a little more confident making the longer run. No fish on Saturday only had one release before we were tired of getting knocked around in the waves. Good learning experience. Figured out a lot of things that I shouldn't be doing, and one or two things that I should. Will give it another try here soon. Thanks again for the advice.

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  6. So I think I have everything ready for the first trip. My set up will be 2 DR, 2 dipsey, and a lead core down the middle.

    I was able to pick up some lead core at a gander mtn for a good price but I can only fit 5 colors on the reel I had. I figured even if it is only down 30 ft at least it is another lure in the water and I have a better chance at a fish there then in the boat.

    I have limited tackle but I think enough to get started. I have a mixture of green,green, and a little more green.

    Will start with a spoon on the lead to get the most depth I can. Don't have many spoons but monkey puke will be the choice here. I have a white e-chip with green dots, NBK mountain dew SD, white crush/pearl glow SD with some mixture of green flies on all. For the last rod I haven't decided between a j-plug, spoon or another FF.

    For the area I plan to run north a few miles somewhere between 150-200ft then work my way east and see what happens.

    Any thoughts or recommendations on the initial game plan would be appreciated.

    The marine report for Oswego looks good for Friday and Saturday but the thunderstorms have me a little worried. I will have to wait and make it a last min decision but keeping my fingers crossed.

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  7. I have been coming up to the lake every year for a while now and have fished on a mixture of charters and with friends. I have finally picked up a boat of my own an 18' starcraft. I plan to run 4 maybe 5 rods 2 DR, 2 Dipsey, and a lead core down the shoot if I can get one in time. The trip plan is to launch out of Oswego or possibly mexico depending on reports. With the boat being on the smaller side I don't want to get very far from shore until there is some more experience under my belt on the big lake. I don't have a set trip date trying to let the weather decide that for me. Available dates would start next Friday and run thru the end of the month. I guess my question would be should I find fish in 200ft of water or less in that general time line? The reports I am seeing are talking about 400-500 and I am hoping I don't have to go quite that far. Thanks


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  8. I have fished lake o for the last 12 years or so on a mix of charters and with friends. This will be the first year on my own boat. Picked up an older 18' starcraft. She needs a little work but should be ready for spring. Can't wait to get out there.



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