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  1. Would you consider selling this boat outright? Or are you only interested in a trade,
  2. Water not draining

    Yea-we had it tipped up on a saw horse. We saw the same water move back but ultimately had to shop vac it out...just seems weird to me
  3. Water not draining

    Hi everyone- I own a 1999 Alumacraft 165 Magnum. The floor has two drains, one in each side in the back. I noticed recently that rain water, or water from my kids climbing into the boat is sitting under those drains and is not making its way down to my bilge and the plug. I pulled up some floor and noticed that the styrofoam under the floor was worn away under one drain. I am wondering if that could be plugging a drain down to the bilge area. Anybody have any experience with this? I have to believe that rain water is supposed to make its way to the bilge...