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  1. Just a quick update- I ended up using JB Water Weld for my leak. I just liked the ease of use. I have been out 4 times since applying and the boat has been bone dry! Hopefully this will be a long term fix.
  2. So I finally had time to look at my leak a little closer. I filled the bilge with water over the out takes of my live wells. Turns out I have a leak right at the “v” under my drain plug. I will try to attach video. I moved the water down the bottom of the boat by lowering the jack and theconly leak was right at the V. Will JB Weld work here? E00AC7FD-3855-47C3-B6E4-89406C2C82D6.MOV
  3. thanks for taking the time to reply guys. I will try to see if there is a leak from a seal. The Boat doesn’t seem to be performing any differently. Seems to be plaining fine and is hitting normal speed (35 mph roughly) on plain. I will keep you posted!
  4. Thanks! It does have those fittings
  5. Yes. I have gone out after a significant rain and like to put the drain plug in at my house so I don’t forget! Maybe it’s rain water? I need to check on that. But I do keep it covered at home.
  6. Hi everyone- I rarely post on this forum but really enjoy reading all the posts and have learned a lot! I own a Starcraft Superfisherman 180. It’s a 2007. My first time out this year I had a serious leak (thank God for bilge pumps!). I figured out it was a crack in the livewell drain tube as I put a hose to the outside of the thru hull fitting and could see water pouring into the bilge. Not great, but at least I found the problem. Here is where I am stumped. I have since plugged both thru hulls drains (2 livewells on the Boat )and capped the raw water intakes just to make sure plumbing was the issue. On a 3 hr fish I had no water in the bilge, yet, when I pulled the drain plug I had a significant amount of water. Recently I took it out again, only to have very little water (not enough to run the bilge pump) in the bilge , yet when I pulled the drain plug on shore a lot of water came out. This boat has been bone dry in the past. My last outing in October I fished over 6 hrs and had zero water come out the drain plug. What I don’t get, is that all this water comes out when I pull the drain plug on land, but isn’t in the bilge on the water. I can only surmise it’s a leak from a rivet or the keel gasket? But why isn’t that water pouring into my bilge? Sorry for being long winded. Just super confused!
  7. Would you consider selling this boat outright? Or are you only interested in a trade,
  8. Yea-we had it tipped up on a saw horse. We saw the same water move back but ultimately had to shop vac it out...just seems weird to me
  9. Hi everyone- I own a 1999 Alumacraft 165 Magnum. The floor has two drains, one in each side in the back. I noticed recently that rain water, or water from my kids climbing into the boat is sitting under those drains and is not making its way down to my bilge and the plug. I pulled up some floor and noticed that the styrofoam under the floor was worn away under one drain. I am wondering if that could be plugging a drain down to the bilge area. Anybody have any experience with this? I have to believe that rain water is supposed to make its way to the bilge...
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