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  1. u can get the grey/whites on ebay kite relases good price also
  2. thanks all of you for the help let me explain my reason I know I have to try different things to find what they like all wante was your favorite speed to start at probe cause I fish out there every ear changing surface speeds till I find sweet spot well sometimes that takes hours this year I purchased a X4 D to try cut down on that so I was just looking for your favorite star tpoint I realize it would create lots sarcasm but that's ok so thank you all for your help/time
  3. thanks I realize what they are biting at was looking for good starting point then work from there... thanks agin
  4. was wondering what speeds everyone likes for kingsat the probe? another question I have is how big is loop on a 8 in spin doctor fly combo I figured around 4 ft. thanks every one
  5. hello I got a question I read when spooling wire line on reel need to go 100 ft then splice 4 ft of Dacron line in every hundred ft. I did not do this I just put backing on and 300ft wire, an then leader I would like to know why th splice every 100 ft and if you all do this I cant see what this will do. well thanks for the help. ebjoy your day.
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