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  1. We are in 95 ft water 3 miles west of olcott ! Nothing doing . Hopefully as sun setts they turn on
  2. Fished 350-420 ft Of Water off olcott, 3 knock offs nothing came tight. Came into 100 at 700 pm caught 1 jack and saw a few bait balls but not Much going on! Used spin docs and flies and a few Spoons etc! We will be out Sat and Sunday. Will be on 68. Miss Olivia
  3. Kicker is a definate , 3-4mph but you will get home safe or out of danger ! I suggest a separate fuel supply, if it is a fuel issue do not want kicker sipping the same gas
  4. If you run deep,lines off back and shallow off side would your side lines hit your back rigger cables? During a turn?
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