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  1. 2 Older style, Manual, adjustable boom, excellent condition, spooled with wire, counters, 6lb balls, low profile swivels that should fit a number of different downriggers, and I think there are a couple of black's rc95 releases with them. $225 OBO. There is some saw dust, barn dust and cobwebs on them, It is not oxidation. I can rinse them off and take more photos if anyone is interested.
  2. heading out tonight around 5pm looking for some kings, any suggestions on depth to start? I was thinking about looking for a mud line and starting there. Got some guys coming with me that haven't caught anything larger than a sunfish. I hope we can find a few!
  3. I appreciate the information tinfin, Pulaksi is too far of a trip for me to make - just to get some bait to experiment with.
  4. I checked there yesterday, all they had was a few herring strips. I'm looking for something to make a cut plug with.
  5. Does anyone have any cut bait/ herring near orleans county?
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