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  1. Is it just me or do the stagers this year seem exceptionally stubborn? I have never had so many nice marks on bottom without a taker. Tried long leads/short leads, fast/slow, spoons/flies/cut-bait/J-plugs and nothing. I’m a big believer of not leaving fish to find fish but in this case it seems to make sense to venture offshore a bit to find more active fish. Not sure if anybody has been able to get these fish to turn on with any consistency?

    Yes very stubborn I think in a week we will be good

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  2. That 10 color with a FF at 2.5 would only be running down 30-40 ft. The reason all your fish came on the 400ft copper is there was a slight temp break down around 100ft and the fish were feeding above that where your copper was. We landed 6 browns on the riggers all between 90 & 100 ft of cable out.

    Nice work on the mast and boards

    Sounds like in need another copper rig. Thanks for the info.

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  3. I don't think a 10 color really gets down as deep as they claim maybe 40ft would be my guess ? And I use ff off lead core all the time in the spring or for staging kings ...I also like a 50ft leader on my lead cores in the spring and by time I use them for pier head fishing I cut them back to 20 ft or so

    And when we can't get boat to slow down while fighting a fish try circling it if you can depending on traffic ....

    And it was slow for a lot of people yesterday so 3 for 4 is not too bad

    We were just east of the pack out of ibay and only 1 for 2 on kings but the one we got made it on the loc board at 31.08lbs

    minion trolling flies

    That's a good idea to circle need to try that. Just trying to learn this lead core I don't want to get discouraged when it's not producing so the more insight from people the better. Thanks for the info and maybe I will see ya out there soon!

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  4. Wow what a hot one! Out one a father and son trip. My dad built a mast, side planers and two pole holder trees so it was kinda a gear testing day. Started out at 6am screen was lit up at 100fow thought my graph was broken but I think the salmon were feeding during the night into the morning so we dropped lines in at 100. Side planers worked well took some time to get use to sending out the lead core and copper but I got the hang of it now. Worked 2 ten colors on the out side with one ff and other with just a spoon also two riggers with spoons and a 400 copper with a spoon later the rigger had a spin doc. All fish today caught on the copper on carbon 14, 2 lakers a brown and a salmon that I lost :(. I hope I was using the ten color right not one hit on them and the riggers never fired. 25 boats scattered all over between the genny and I bay worked 100 to 200 fow. All in all a great day! (Besides getting stung by a bee 3x out on the lake so weird). Everything worked right my dad is a genius when it comes to building stuff! I will post pics of our set up soon. I really hope I am running things right not sure if people run ff on core or copper so didn't know what to use so I mixed it up. I think I lost the salmon because we couldn't slow down past 2.5gps speed need to adjust throttle.

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  5. I have been dealing with lowrance customer service for the last 10 days. I have to say they are absolutely terrible. Long story short they charged my account double for an advanced replacement without my authorization of a total of 900$. Later that week I was charged an additional 884$. After calling every day for almost two weeks I finally have my money back. To make things right management wanted to offer me an insight map chip for east coast fishing they send me the west coast one! I have to say be careful with these people I am really thinking about never buying another navico or lowrance product again.

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  6. So I was in need of good planer board. They are expensive and I was not sure if I was able to make my own. My dad is great at making stuff and found some semantics of a 3 board planer. He ended up giving it a shot. After reading some bad reviews on the riveara and walker boards at 100$ a piece why not build your own for half the price. They came out great let's see how they run!


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  7. Trolled out of I bay headed east. First 3 hours nothing, ran 2 spoons on riggers and 1 dipsy with flasher spoon. Fish scattered because of wind change water Temps may have been mixed too. Move rigger down from 90 to 110 over 120fow and the first king hit 18 lbs 34inches on Neils limit, strange how it hit as soon as the rigger moved. Second one came on the flasher spoon dipsy at 70 feet over 120fow 15lbs 33 inches. Only two kings caught but my first ones of the year! Need more west winds!post-159302-1470415497844_thumb.jpgpost-159302-1470415508802_thumb.jpg

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  8. Hit the water around 230pm beautiful day! Just me and my girl. This was her first time doing this type of fishing so I didn't know what to expect. Started out in 90 fow riggers down 70 and 60, dipsy around 50. Rigger at 70 with moonshine hulk was the first hit small laker put it back down to 70 within 30 seconds line was crushed by something big handed it to my girl and don't ya know it was a nice brown! Stayed around 100 to 125 zig zag pattern hit 3 small kings all loving the hulk . Monkey puke (favorite named lure) took 3 lakers. Did check out 200fow not much going on but did hit a small king on flasher fly. Overall great day to be out fishing 8 for 11. Need to zero in on a big king.post-159302-14697250206485_thumb.jpgpost-159302-14697250292605_thumb.jpgpost-159302-14697250368675_thumb.jpg

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