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  1. I now have one of the Toughbook Chartplotters set up for ReelGuy in the Buffalo area. Chris is an expert at maintaining and repairing reels. Thanks for your purchase Chris. I know you will like it.Give me a shout if there is anything I can do to help you.
  2. Many folks have asked me about rugged tablets. I just was able to get windows based 10.3" tablet. I updated and installed w10 pro and Office. This one was sold before I even received it. It will use it's own internal GPS and measures 9"X12"X2" including the rubber corner bumpers. It weighs about 5#s. I hope to have more of these soon. These will sell for around $350 ready to go with AC and DC chargers. Here is a screen shot. I still have some of the 13" Toughbook laptops.
  3. Screen shot rugged 10-3/8" Rugged Tablet.
  4. One sold. One available. These will be made ready to rock with no chips or other equipment to buy. There is nothing like following your tracks on a large screen zoomed way in.
  5. SeaClearII Screenshot.
  6. There are some sonar units that can be added to a PC based system like this. They are very expensive. I recommend a stand alone sonar unit. These do have WIFI but WIFI is NOT needed for these to function as a Chartplotter. The GPS that is provided with these beats anything I have ever seen for maintaining signal.
  7. One of the members here requested some screen shots of the Seneca Shoal and the river near Buffalo.
  8. SeaClear Screen Shot. Panasonic Toughbook.
  9. SeaClear Screen Shot. Panasonic Toughbook.
  10. SeaClear Screen Shot. Panasonic Toughbook.
  11. SeaClear Screen Shot. Panasonic Toughbook.
  12. Charting a course with these is as simple as some mouse clicks. There are always two coordinates on the dashboard. The top coordinates is your real time actual position. At the bottom of the dashboard is your cursor coordinates. If someone was to call you with a hot spot, just move cursor to the numbers and a couple of clicks and you're on your way. The best bang for your buck in large screen GPS chartplotters. Thanks for viewing.
  13. These are VN Toughbooks and Chartplotter will be installed at your request. This is the best value for a big screen Laptop Chartplotter. Of course these have WIFI and other means to connect to the WWW. Both units have excellent Touch Screens. Included are GPS, DC and AC chargers. Both are now running the latest Windows10 64 bit version, and have 2GB of RAM and upgraded to a 250GB Hard Drive. These are used by our military including the USCG on our Great Lakes Icebreakers. These are also great in all kinds of shop or garage environments. I select the best Toughbooks I can find and upgrade them. These are made to take a beating and some do. These two have seen light duty. These also have MS Office. $400 each Add $15 if you need a built in DVD CDRW drive. A package of over 7000 inland lakes can be added very reasonable. I have been using one of these for over 6 years. I routinely clean these by running water over the keyboard. Don't try that with any other laptop. These are actual pics of the two units for sale. These would cost about $3000 when new. Nine Eight Nine 362-5422 Call or PM me. Please leave message on my answering machine and I'll get back with you.
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