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  1. I always used black and sometimes clear but black is my go to color
  2. hey guys have a question coming up again for July and august fishing hopefully Fairhaven stays above water was thinking of getting some new dipsy's what seems to be the color of choice everyone thinks works the best thanks for any input and good luck with the fishing
  3. best dipsy color for salmon hey guys want to pick your brains what do you guys think is the best color dipsy to use for salmon want to see the thoughts on this. Thanks
  4. steelhead just put a third Downrigger on the boat was going to run the middle one for some steelhead how far down should I run the ball if looking for steelhead figured some action while out trolling for kings any help appreciated new to going for steelhead
  5. mr clean thanks for the reports does anyone have any pics of the area.
  6. I tried texting you don't know if you got them or not
  7. do you have any more pics of the extendable one ?
  8. how did you modify did you just put a extendable boom on the one and do they have the swivel bases on them
  9. are the traxs and rod holders still available please PM me
  10. will you take $100 for those 2 sets of 4 rod holders on the tracks there on
  11. Hey guys anyone have a way to keep mice out of the boat during winter storage hate to open boat up in spring to find mouse **** all over and wires chewed and suggestions and don't say put a cat in there LOL 😂
  12. Yea marked some around 120fow water but no takers waves were not that bad in the arternoon
  13. No prob any pics will be cool I'm going to put planer reels on each side and I light in middle to light back of boat
  14. Love that rack Richard did you make it and do you have any more pics
  15. I have a 1989 Thompson 240 fisherman and want to put a rocket launcher on it but don't want to pay all that money for one I know how to rig aluminum so ill make my own just wanted to see if anyone made there own and how far apart should I do the tubes for the rods and anything yous think I should add to it you know after you make one you say I should have done this or put that on so I'm just in the designing stage and figured I start asking questions . thanks guys
  16. It said 290 on my rigger using 14lb weights so not sure the actual depth was
  17. I'm looking at buying some shark cannonballs but not sure on the finish wanted some opinions on it what you guys think is the better of them. THANKS
  18. Nice one Paige 386 good luck and thanks for your reports im coming up this weekend hope the wind isn't crazy again this weekend
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