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  1. Sunday and Monday don't look bad at all. But I'm sure the water will be all messed up Captain1466
  2. Water will probably be all messed up though probably better to just going to Cayuga for the kids Captain1466
  3. Sunday and Monday don't look bad Captain1466
  4. Yeah think I'll just hit Cayuga Captain1466
  5. I know but I would hate to start ripping parts off rather see it bought and fixed. The boats in great shape just junk motor Captain1466
  6. Alpha one gen 1 outdrive with brand new sea water pump.Four new trailer tires. Clean paperwork on both boat and trailer Captain1466
  7. Up for sale is a 1986 marathon 22 ft cuddy. The good -The stringers , transom, and fiberglass floor are in perfect shape!! The bad the motor has a knock like spun bearing or rod knock not sure has merc 165 4 cylinder closed loop cooling system 1,000 $ good project for someone that knows how to fix motors Captain1466
  8. No boats up for sale. Bought my buddy's 22 ft islander hardtop fully rigged good price. I'm over the old boat read up a lot about the 165 Merc and am not sinking money into a motor that was junk from factory. Captain1466
  9. Yeah anything to get the girls some reel time. Captain1466
  10. Hey any info of where the fish are out of sodus? Planning a trip this weekend with wife and kids any info would be great Captain1466
  11. Ok I'll look it up thanks Captain1466
  12. The boat normally ran about 130 but went to make a run to a new spot and bam temp jumped up to 180 then spiked out to 220 at one point I think my buddy said it was at 260 and we shut her down to cool.. Tried calling people for tow in but had to limp her back to launch. Captain1466
  13. Who does that kind of work around here? I can fix some things but never messed with a motor. I would do more damage than good lol.. Motor was just rebuilt in 2012 and I go out and overheat and she throws a rod wtf! Captain1466
  14. A lot of the fish came from 30 to 40 fow small LLs Captain1466
  15. Not my boat my buddy just bought it Captain1466
  16. We are out here in my buddy's new Lund hard top boated about 60 so far lost 8 25 down over 43 fow Captain1466
  17. No water in oil and no antifreeze in oil I'm stumped Captain1466
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