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  1. Hey frogger. Not lake O, but your mom was there;)
  2. Sorry to go off topic... Just wanted to share the beauty of the brook trout. My personal best
  3. Hey Sk8man No thats a brookie i got while away in Haliburton county
  4. Yesterday was awesome for lake conditions... flat water from 6:30 til 1:30. Went 3 for 5. Also had some luck lately off of lake O...
  5. Hey guys, I've been pretty busy lately so haven't been out in a while. How deep are the kings now?
  6. Thanks guys. I've been running dipseys at 90' in 120 FOW... green Northern king spoons. It sounds like you guys are fishing alot more shallow than i have been. I dont have riggers yet, so it's dipseys or nothin. I guess I'm gonna have to try some lures a little shallower. How deep do I need to go to keep the fish from spooking on the kicker?
  7. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and new this year to fishing lake Ontario. Just purchased my first vessel worthy of the deep water. Having fun so far with moderate success. Catching lots of lakers and 2 kings so far. Caught an 18 lb the other day out front of bronte. Called the derby weigh station and the guy laughed at me. That fish was the best fight of my life. It nearly spooled me. Cant wait to get one thats worthy of a weigh in.
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