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  1. Hey my wife is going away for the weekend of October 5th do you guys think browns would be any good
  2. Thanks for having me, I'll see you up there this week.
  3. That sucks, itll probably be over a week before it straightens out due to winds friday
  4. I was going to head up tomorrow morning and give it a try but also heard the lake flipped. I was wondering if I could get any Intel on this since it's a 4 hour ride. Thanks jon
  5. I think you should be good till lunch it takes a little to build
  6. Anything 10mph out of the north is 2-3', I dont pay attention to wave forecasts
  7. I knew it was gonna be rough anything over 8mph north or northwest is gonna be bumpy in mexico, I only had 3 hits trolling 8nto the waves speed was all over but maintained 2.3 to 2.5 with the waves, so in doctors and big flashers worked well besides meat
  8. It was pretty rough, had one guy that was turning green and puking everywhere but he toughed it out. Fished out of my 20' tracker targa
  9. Got up there around 1230 PM went 9 for 14 meat was responsible for 9 of the 14 hits. Fished from 100 to 240 fow in front of the plant 90 to 95 down. Saw 2 boats heading in when we first got out there and didnt see another boat all afternoon. 2 of the fish were small so they were released
  10. Very nice and thanks for the help see you tomorrow, we ended 5 for 11 couldn't keep em on
  11. Sounds worth it to me. I have a 20' tracker targa if you see me out there give a wave
  12. I was thinking about heading to mexico tomorrow afternoon into Tuesday I dont want to make the almost 4 hour trip without knowing where to start or if its worth it. Any info would be appreciated, I will report back if I do go. Thank you
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