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  1. rdjprice

    Willow Casting Spoon?

    Thanks. I added the single hook to it and It has been a good producer for me. The original may have come with a treble. I'm hoping to identify the name and make of the spoon. Rp
  2. rdjprice

    Willow Casting Spoon?

    New to the board. Looks like there is an awesome community here. I have an old spoon that I have had for years (decades?). I think it is intended to be a casting spoon? No Idea where I originally got it from. It's a willow shape, almost completely symmetrical, and it is fairly concave compared to most spoons if you're looking at it from the underside. No markings on it whatsoever. Its about 3 inches long and about a 1/2oz. Hoping someone here might know what it is? Thanks Rp