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  1. It was quite an irony...if it is true. But conjecture and rumor is mislead often. Fingers pointed may be accurate. Skaneateles Lake is for the light tackle angler. Trollers that fish for meat should fish the other lakes...Cayuga, Seneca, Ontario...that my opinion. Yet because of the tourism you have a couple clowns running trolling/meat fishing charters. It’s all legit. And the lake was and always has been managed as a put and take fishery. Herein is the flaw. Anglers...people...want healthy fisheries. Not meat. Think about that. The walleye will/are going to change the way the lake is managed by the NYSDEC. And those folks, well, they are up against a wall. With little to work with. No one has the answer...but NYSDEC...is pert sure the trout stocking program will be ended as long as the lakes illegally introduced walleye continue to go unchecked. That breaks my heart. The guys responsible for the illegal walleye stocking...and those that support it...well they can go pound salt.
  2. Wow. The walleye is an illegally introduced species to one of the last true cold water trout fishery lakes in New York State. The walleye was illegally introduced by short sighted bucket biologists...and an ignorant particular “guide”. They wanted fish that are easy to catch and good eating in the lake. A few well known (and one deceased) Homer locals did most of the illegal stocking. These individuals took the hard work of fisheries biologists, those tasked with the management of the lake, and pissed on it. Skaneateles Lake is a trout lake. Always will be. It is unique. And with restoration and management of the invasive vermin walleye, as the state is proceeding... The trout fishery will continue to dominate as we who live here expect it to. Thats what local, law abiding sportsmen and women overwhelmingly show support for. Walleye is vermin in Skaneateles Lake, and anyone supporting or positive of the walleye existence in Skaneateles Lake is either not from around here, is a misguided meat fisherman, or is a one of the illegal walleye stockers... or perhaps a bs guide guilty of introducing this fish in the first place for cash gain. Sad. But true. The misguided and illegal stocking of walleye in Skaneateles Lake will frustrate state fishery managers and cost taxpayers thousands of dollars in expense. Regional fisheries personnel will to try to reverse this fishes existence in one of the greatest cold water lakes in the state at great effort, risk and cost. If you support walleye in Skaneateles Lake...well...arrows point to you as a responsible party...but even more so...you show that you do not understand the value of helping to maintain one of the last established cold water fishery lakes in the state in a time when trout need support. The guide who has been illegally stocking walleye in Skaneateles since 2010 is a scumbag who would do anything for a buck. It doesn’t take me to say that...he does it himself quite well.
  3. A Derby for the largest dead spawning rainbow...all proceeds to profit the bait shop and the local gin mill makes a few bucks. Cool. A small trib. I know of that has natural reproduction, meaning some of the trout are left alone to spawn due to its remote location, was special to me. when I called the...now retired...DEC biologist and voiced my concern for special regs...like shut it down and make it a nursery stream...he laughed. the stunning "wild" lake rainbows I used to catch as a result of many reproducing in remote clean trips, are becoming very rare. the main inlet to this particular lake is a total circus on opening day...news man there snapping pics of dead rainbow after dead rainbow...the DEC says no worry all the breeders have already come and gone So that's why there are dozens of pics of hookjawed males and fat pre-spawn females...and the banks of the small creek are trampled and littered with styrofoam worm containers, cigarette butts, beer cans...and the news guy publishes pics on his web site...and within a few years...it is tough to find a rainbow at all... true story. Things will change only if and when minds are changed...and popular...albeit naive...opinion is that the rainbows are an edible resource, not a beautiful trophy fish to protect and enjoy...alive. IMO...of course.
  4. Its just imo that the rainbow fisheries in the Finger Lakes could use a few streams to be closed entirely...but I am pretty alone on this I know. It is too much of a tradition. People buy a fishing license, so it's their right to kill a trout. Hook em and cook em! I don't kill trout anymore. I think they are way too cool! Like an exotic wild beautiful thing that is way too cool to kill. I love catching them though! more than once!
  5. Idk..I hope so...I think the snow we got is a game changer...in the eastern tribes anyways...that flow is going to pull fish in..and they might get caught with their pants down...I think the whole idea of fishing spawning rainbows is crude.
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