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  1. Two tournament Dates left. Join in the fun! August 19, 2017 September 3, 2017 September 3rd is "Banquet at Bald Eagle Marina" details to follow. Bald Eagle Tournament Series "B.E.T.S." is a 5-part tournament series for salmon and trout including the ports of Bald Eagle Marina, Oak Orchard Creek, and Sandy Creek on Lake Ontario. Tournament entry is $100 per boat and will have 100% payout. Payout breakdown will include the top 30% of boats. There is an option to participate in the overall championship for an additional $50 per boat (must be paid before the first tournament). This pool will be paid to the 1st overall team throughout the 5 B.E.T.S. events. Each team will use their best 3 daily scores for the overall championship. Payment must be made by cash at Bald Eagle Marina, 1033 Lakeland Beach Road, Kendall, New York (585) 659-8603 Launch and Slips are available. Official Rules: Interpretation and enforcement of the below rules will be left exclusively to the tournament directors. Decisions of the tournament directors are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal. Each contestant agrees to report any rule violation to the tournament director immediately upon discovery of the violation. Failure to report violations (boater or co-angler) may be cause for disqualification. Violation of a tournament rule will lead to immediate disqualification and ineligibility of participating in future tournaments. For any questions please contact [email protected] 1. All participants must be lawful in the taking of fish in accordance to NYS DEC regulations. All boats must be in accordance of the safety requirements of the USCG. 2. Boats must leave and come back to either of 3 ports: Bald Eagle Creek, Oak Orchard Creek, or Sandy Creek. 3. All teams will have a minimum of two participants. There is no rod limit, but teams must follow NYS DEC regulations (3 rods per person). 4. The tournament will be cancelled if there is a small craft advisory or inclement weather deems the lake unsafe. 5. Fishing start time is 5 A.M. or after. All participants must be IN LINE at Bald Eagle Marina by 3:45 P.M. NO EXCEPTIONS. 6. The fishing tournament will be scored on your 3 biggest salmon or trout (Maximum 1 lake trout). Scoring will include 10 points per fish, and 1 point per pound. The overall championship will have a point structure based upon placement of each individual event. 7. All participants agree to hold tournament committee members, Bald Eagle Marina LLC ., Sponsors, their agents, and volunteers harmless from any liability of any nature or kind for injuries and/or damages suffered by the participant during this event. 8. Participants agree to grant permission to use any photographs taken during the tournaments or awards to the Derby Committee, Bald Eagle Marina LLC. and any sponsors. 9. All fish will be examined by a tournament director prior to being weighed. Any fish that has freezer burns, clouded eyes, slimy gills, and unresponsive flesh will be disqualified. 10. All weighed fish must be taken off of Bald Eagle Marina property. There will be no disposal of fish at the weigh in. Recent Posts
  2. Docks Available for Orleans County Open Bald Eagle Marina has Docks Available for the Orleans County Open. Also, Launch ramp is open!! Call Susan at 585-659-8603. See you soon.
  3. Hi.  We have temporary slips available the rate is 100.00 per week. 



      GREAT OFFER...Some of my buddies are calling me already

  4. Good morning, yes we have dry dock space. it is limited, but we still have some spots left. Dry dock includes launch pass. it is $20.00 a day. You can also secure a dock for $25.00 a night. Thank you.
  5. Please make the trip it is well worth the bumping road.....or take the back roads....one way or another you make it here, you will love it.
  6. Bald Eagle Marina LOC Spring Derby!!! Come out and fish with us. We have high and dry launch ramp and docks! Coffee and donuts at 5:00 am for the derby. Gas Dock open 5 am to 9 pm. And if you haven't heard already we are an official weigh-in station for all the derbys!! We have daily rates for dockage, why trailer when you can dock. Come on over to Bald Eagle Marina and let's get FISHING!! Call me! Susan 585-659-8603
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