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  1. Thank You for your report! I'm actually thinking of going to Cayuga with son#2 tomorrow. I own a Tracker Targa 18 Powered by a 90 HP Outboard with EFI and am always concerned with wind speed. The Weather Channel calls for 6 - 9 mph winds from 6am - noon. My question is... at what wind speeds start to produce, "White Caps", IOW, "When will my Aluminum Boat start to be tossed around like a Tin Can in Water!!!" Ironically, I have had days of fantastic fishing when I'm fighting a fish with one arm and at the same time, trying to keep the boat straight with the other! I have found that wind speeds over 10mph takes the fun out of solo trout fishing for me! Thoughts???
  2. THANK YOU ALL!!! The anticipation is killing me! It's just like Christmas,,,Only DIFFERENT!
  3. MY MAN!!! I'm doing the same thing, Bro! That's what I Love about fishing. Serious one day with Buddy...making it a family event the next...Both equally as fun!!! 4 hours and I'm off to the lake... Cayuga Lake!!!
  4. I'm so glad to read what this nice man shared. He has given me some valuable information right at a time when one of my sons and I plan on hitting Cayuga tomorrow morning in celebration of Father's Day! It'll be the first time out on Cayuga in 2 years. I'm in a great deal of pain from a spine in need of repair, but funny thing about fishing (Fishing is my First Love and still is 64 years later)... it still manages to make me forget all my woes and concentrate on one thing... CATCHING FISH!!! BTW... FINGERLAKESFREDDY,,, That fish you're holding is BEAUTIFUL and You caught it in my favorite Finger Lake... CAYUGA LAKE!!! Thank You Sir!!!
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