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  1. Looking to see if anyone has a StarCraft Islander for sale with an outboard motor on the back.
  2. Hey Capt Lou, Can you send me some photos, text (519) 379-8820. Thanks, Dan
  3. Black spoon with chartreuse tape is the main colour, would also like green or blue spoon with the chartreuse tape. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  4. Prefer anything black/green, black/silver and black/ chartreuse. What colours do you have? Thanks, Dan
  5. Hey, looking for vintage hookster spoons made by the producers in the 80s. If anyone had any for sale, you can send me a message. Thanks, Dan
  6. Hey all, Looking to see if anyone has any hookster spoons (any size) for sail by the producers. Thanks, Dan
  7. Do you have any hookster spoons left? If so I am interested. thanks, Dan
  8. Hookster Magnum Spoons Looking for anyone that has the bigger 5 inch Hookster Magnum by The Producers for sale. Let me know what you have. Dan
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