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  1. reservation license is 60.00. The reservation gets fished hard all year long ,it is a lot shallower up there. about the middle of June the PA side of the reservoir starts to warm up and that is when the walleye fishing picks up. Try fishing Sugar Bay ,Cornplanter Bay and the Kinzua Arm It is a tough lake to fish but there is fish in there to be caught . I have fished it for over 30 yrs . Bottom bouncers with harnesses is the way to go for eyes.. Good Luck
  2. Thank You too all you replied with information with my water pump issues. I believe I found the problem, after pulling water pump and checking over everything I noticed the new impeller is slightly larger and a little thicker than the old impeller. I am ordering a Johnson/Evinrude impeller , the new one was a sierra replacement . I will find out this week if that was the problem. Thank You Again Everyone
  3. I put a new water pump kit in a 1995 evinrude 9.9 kicker motor Now I do not get any water out of the water tube from the motor . The new kit was installed the same way the old kit was installed , I have also blew air thru the lower unit were the water pump tubing fits in. There is no obstructions as air comes out the water tube from the motor. Any one have any suggestions ? Thank You Tim
  4. Steve, Try Hodges Marine, 732-449-4211 they are in Florida. I purchased a garmin tr1 gold auto pilot for my 9.9 Honda kicker motor . They also have other auto pilots for boats. They had the best prices I found Tim
  5. I hunted Newfoundland back in 2005 and went with Brophy and Sons They are a fly in outfitter. Back then there prices were reasonable , do not know what they are now
  6. NymphO, I like your thinking. All fishing expos should be business trips Keith paints some awesome custom lures,he has painted around a 100 or so of them for me
  7. Nick, Would by any chance you be selling any of your spoons at the Niagara fishing expo if you had any painted.
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