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  1. Autopilot

    Steve, Try Hodges Marine, 732-449-4211 they are in Florida. I purchased a garmin tr1 gold auto pilot for my 9.9 Honda kicker motor . They also have other auto pilots for boats. They had the best prices I found Tim
  2. Thank You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  3. Moose guide Newfoundland 2019

    I hunted Newfoundland back in 2005 and went with Brophy and Sons They are a fly in outfitter. Back then there prices were reasonable , do not know what they are now
  4. Expo in Niagra

    NymphO, I like your thinking. All fishing expos should be business trips Keith paints some awesome custom lures,he has painted around a 100 or so of them for me
  5. Nick, Would by any chance you be selling any of your spoons at the Niagara fishing expo if you had any painted.