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  1. We will also have the NEW butterfly blade we made for Northland tackle. this spinner blade has sold out in the mid west already, has caught 14 species of fish and will troll from .25 mph to over 3mph behind dipsys. We caught walleye trolling dipsys 2.5-3 mph with the butterfly blade. this works on perch and walleye both as you can see!! Our buddy Brian sent us this pic of last years catch.
  2. Here are a few renosky colors were bringing to the show see ya there. keith dutch fork lures
  3. thanks for the kind words. We paint only fish catching patterns, not just pretty lures. years of testing , we have actually found several patters that out do the rest and it all boils down to certain shades or pinks , purples, and greens. I find it truly amazing how fish will eat one purple color and not the other. Look forward to seeing all you guys there. come ask questions and find out what color means to the fish. we will also be doing a seminar on slow trolling too
  4. We at Dutch Fork Lures will be there with a ton of NEW Renoskys all custom colors. Stop by our booth . Love to meet some of you guys as long as you tell any fish tales of how many fish you caught!! Hope to see you there. keith
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