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  1. King ap 2000 wtb Also unit for parts wanted
  2. King auto pilot Hi fellas there was a guy who had a older. buddy that wanted a grand for an original ap2000 king auto pilot . does anyone know who that was? Thanks
  3. Hi Todd limit is 2 per day with a 3 day season just changed to 3 days a week until labor day we need to run 70 miles one way to get to them.


    1. Todd in NY

      Todd in NY

      Wow, that's crazy! You might get lucky and catch some amberjack, lane snapper, or grouper, but that's a long way to go for 2 snapper. You could always hope to find a floating weed line and hook into some kings and dorado.

    2. Kellysdad


      We usually run out catch our limit in about 20 min then start working our way back fishing for grouper with our last stop in about 125 ft for mangrove snapper up to 7 lbs some tomes we will troll between spots and get blk fin tuna

    3. Todd in NY

      Todd in NY

      That's cool, and sounds like a solid game plan. We caught a few black fin tuna here and there, but not very often and only certain times of the year. We caught a few cobia but they aren't real common to catch either. We could find snapper within 45 miles of shore on an old wreck or some other hard bottom. Good times for sure.

  4. New member intro Hi my name is Wally Hackett originally from Springville ny presently living in sw florida but like to keep up with the big lakes Ipresently run a 269 penn yan legend with a yanmar diesel. Loved trolling the big lakes but mostly bot tom fish here in Fl If anyone is interested in trading trips let me know.
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