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  1. IMG_6050.thumb.JPG.9e42d1fad9aa3e7f5b633adb87c9c199.JPGIMG_6153.thumb.JPG.e8e287d4be0e79c15b727eb2d8752def.JPG
    You can see the rounds sticking out. I used ones tall enough that the wheel would hit the ground.
    Also, I used the rustoleum tractor paint.
    - GBL
    Puffer II: 1802 Trophy
    Green Boat: 1966 Starcraft Mariner-V 14

    Looks great, thanks again for the picturesIMG_3259.JPG
    This is where I'm at so far.
    This is the primer I'm going to use.

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  2. 4 hours ago, TileMan Dan said:

    It will work. Just clean boat with simple green to clean and use a wire wheel in drill to scuff up lightly before paint. Did a boat 10 years ago and it is still holding.

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    Hi, so I am sanding with an orbital sander with 60 grit sandpaper. Do you think that is scuffing it up enough? 


    Lastly what are you mr suggestions for clear coat. Rustoleum makes a clear but I wanted to know if anyone had tested it.

  3. 3 minutes ago, MCF said:

    There is Rustoleum marine paint.  I used it several years ago on a rusty boat trailer and a 1956 Aluminum Crestliner.  It has held up well, especially on the boat trailer.  I would highly recommend the product.

    Thankypu for your reply. 

    I did not know that rustoleum had a marine version. I just picked up thier oil based professional gloss enamel from Home Depot. Some say it will work well some say it won't. Do you have any Suggestions ?

  4. For sure use the self etching primer on the aluminum. I did the same project for a 16' blue fin. I also painted the inside with truck bed liner. Helped with the sound.

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    Hi, and thanks for the reply. I am going to paint the inside the same as the outside because the inside is going to be carpeted. The pics below start with how it looked with all the old stuff down to where it is now. IMG_2586.JPGIMG_2746.JPGIMG_3005.JPGIMG_3080.JPG

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  5. I have a 16 ft Sea Nymph that I have gutted to the stringers.

    I am wanting to paint it but I want some feed back first. I am thinking about sanding the old paint to roughen up the surface, then go over it with Self Etching Primer, them I'm planning on using Rustoleum Professional semi gloss white.

    Who out there has any suggestions.


    Thanks in advance




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  6. Tiny Boat 82 Sea Nymph Restoration (help)

    Hi all, I'm new to the site and wanted to get some feedback on my project. I have a 1982 Sea Nymph Fishing Machine and am completely restoring the interior and paint.


    I decided to strip it down to the aluminum stringers. I have measured and cut the floor, now I'm sealing it with Spar Urethane, between 4-5 coats. I am trying to decide if and how to paint the boat because the paint is really ugly. I'd like to paint the boat a bright white and re-upholster the interior with tan carpet and do so for as little money as possible. 


    The below pictures of my progress this far. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks 








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