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  1. Lotta action on this thread 😂.  Well, just got back.  Fishing was pretty insane.  One of the better trips for #’s of fish.  Nothing huge, just very nice fish.


     Once we were able to get deep, we caught a lot of fish.  Inside of 300 was pretty slow.


    Spoons and Meat seemed to be what they wanted.  FF didn’t do much.  

    Be headed back up on Friday, see what happens.






  2. Best Salmon net for the boat?  I’m fishing out of boat that I can walk out on the rear deck to net fish so I don’t need it to be super long, but something at least 6’ would be great.


    My old net finally gave out this last weekend in Olcott.


    Preferably something that can be at my house by Friday morning as I’m headed back up.

  3. Watching the forecast and it looks pretty nasty all the way up until Saturday.  For a guy that just makes it up a few times in July and August, where would be the safest place to start searching for fishy water?  Head out deep to the stable water or stay in tight and try to find cool water?  I would imagine theres some big girls in tight, maybe get lucky and hook a few.


    I’ll be arriving from Pittsburgh Thursday afternoon, maybe get out a little prior to Saturday depending if the water wants to cooperate.


    Ill keep the thread updated if anything works.


    Appreciate the help LOU

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