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  1. carl from houghton lake michigan

    no i never back down to the city it lovely here and all the fish u want to fish air smells good water clean and people nice , i enjoy my retirement beautiful area , i live at 55 and 27 across from state police post
  2. What are signs of needing transom replacment

    to fix your running water though transom seams is to use expoxy , as caulk doees hold up well to exposed areas , 2 to check transom rot by checking your drain plug area and check the color around the ring a dark color means it leaking or soft, sometime u can pull the transom apart and fill with expoxy, or replace the transom and use expoxy to bond ,, depends when u catch it , on my 76 mfg i/o it 40 years old had a small area i fixed with expoxy hope it helps
  3. carl from houghton lake michigan

    carl from houghton lake michigan my name is carl from houghton lake , i own 3 boats a 2013 slyan 24 ft fisherman special, 1989 rinker 19ft open bow 4.3 vortexx 50 plus mph with 24 p prop , and my proud and enjoy a 1976 MFG 21 ft tri hull 165 hp cabin crusier, totall restored with many mods to it , has new stringers ,bulk heads m replace 2 extral tanks with 50 gallon in floor tank , working on interior now and top paint is done , 7 years of work