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  1. This is a nice little Largemouth my 5 yearold grandson landed in my little pond recently. Nothing like the look on their face when they bring in the first fish. Mine was a 2 ounce sunfish.
  2. Newby fisherman coming up to Alexandria Bay HI, I am new to the forum, and wanted to know if anyone would offer advice on tackle, location or technique for smallies and pike Will be there Oct 7-14. I fish a lot, but my first time up there, and it looks exciting. (I live in Georgia) I have been told GooseBay with spoons for pike and Lake in the Isles with pink senko wacky rigged for bass although mostly LMB. I will have a pontoon, and am interested in a few more bits of infoprior to arriving. Thanks in advance, guys! jimmy
  3. Jimmyt


    jimmyt Hi, I just registered, and frankly I am excited to find this site. FInding any info about fishing in the Thousand Islands area has been nearly impossible. I am coming up on Oct 7 To A Bay and hope to do some fishing for pike and Smallies. I live in Georgia so Largemouth are plentiful here, so Would like to concentrate on the bronzebacks. I have never fished the drop shot rig yet, but from what I have read, it is a go-to bait. Any info of fishing spots and techniques in a 3 or 4 mile range of A Bay would really be helpful. THanks in advance, jimmyt
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