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  1. Check out Honda kickers...they advertise the largest output alternators in their class.
  2. Looks good. I went a different (cheaper) way. I bought Scotty 1101 downriggers that have a swivel base included and mounted the base behind my back track...really close to where your rigger is in your picture. All I have to do is take out four mounting bolts and remove the downrigger when not needed. The fishmaster already has a backing board under the gunnel but I added a stainless steel plate under the board and it seems really solid. No problem to reach it from the back of the boat and the swivel is approximately 4 inches high already but when removed a plastic base is all that is left and is about 5/8 inches thick and isn't in the way. Saved buying the piece of track and also the base pictured below. Approximately a $100.00 a rigger.
  3. I checked and your right...about half are screwed down and the others are bolted down. Bolts are in the middle of the tracks with screws on both outer edges. Changed them out to all bolted down.
  4. I used the Kiwi Grip too...couldn't be easier and you can set the texture with type of roller used.
  5. Thanks for the reply...do you put your downriggers in the tracks or do you have yours mounted permanetly to the rail behind the tracks? Definitely going to get the swivel mounts.
  6. I have a Starcraft Fishmaster 196 am looking at downriggers for it. I like Scotty's and am thinking about the 1101 with a 30 inch boom but I am wondering if the boom will be long enough? The downrigger will be located about 24" from my transom. For my kicker would a long (Honda 8HP) be deep enough? Will rarely be in reverse as this will be just used for trolling. Thanks.
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