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  1. Does anyone have a mold for downrigger weights 9-10 pounds I got a lot of lead and want to make some extra weights
  2. Thank you sir. I can’t wait to get my boat at the end of the month I hate waiting so long to go fishing. But it gives me time to prepare I guess.
  3. I sent you a email sir my phone number is 717-880-5240 you can reach me there as well
  4. All flashers are new 75 shipped I’ll do 60 for pick up in Watertown New York
  5. I’m looking to see what trolling fly colors works the best I’m looking to tie my own flies. I have everything I’m just looking for color options
  6. I’m located in Watertown New York I will ship
  7. 67 spoons some are Suttons some are Michigan stingers others I don’t know 120 obo
  8. Bass lures I’ll never use
  9. A bunch of stick baits I don’t use pm me with offers
  10. I’m looking for reels to put copper and lead cores on I usually run a 300-400 copper and 10-15 color core any reels would be nice pm me with what might be for sale
  11. Is anyone interested in 2 cannon mag 10 downriggers they both are in working condition. Pm me for pictures selling the pair for 500$
  12. I’m looking for a pair of electric riggers, spoons, flashers, planner boards, planner mast, and dip set fiber rods. I just moved back to New York from the military and looking to get back into the salmon fishing again. Feel free to pm me or txt and call me 717-880-5240
  13. Where are you located I’m interested
  14. What size men reels was you using by chance I have some pen squall 30s I was going to set up for copper Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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