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  1. Joined LOU this spring, had to drop in this past years bow kill. Oct 15th 2017 killed working a scrape line. It was like 82 degrees that day it went straight to log city meats to butcher no time for hanging.
  2. Was walking along the north shore last night and came to a section of shore that was littered with dead fish. There were Northern pike, bluegills, small mouth bass, perch, and carp. I couldn't believe it. In roughly a 30 yard stretch there was 47 dead fish. So many were pike. Ive never seen so many dead pike like that. I know there is a host of reasons people have for this but it about brought tears to my eyes seeing it. The fish are literally floating in dead. That was just a little patch of shore, I hate to know how many fish are dead from the pier to the state park marina. It needs to be talked about and there needs to be action. Lake has some major issues whatever it may be. Really sad to see. -Matt
  3. Matty B


    First spring perch trip this afternoon took a while to find them, they're shallow.
  4. After having two different trout stop short of my Sutton 39 switched to a bloodworm jig tipped with a gulp maggot under a float. Crushed it almost immediately. Caught from shore in 5 f.o.w. Released to fight again.
  5. Bird banded on Bylot Island, Nunavut Canada. Greater Snow Goose
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